Foil products

We are a manufacturer of high quality PVC foil products. Below is a list of products included in the offer.

PVC card holder

The card case is made of thick foil pockets with the possibility of any printed on them.

Plastic covers

Foil covers for identification, corporate documents, etc., with the possibility of printing any content. For larger footprints the possibility to make covers under the required size.

Business card holders

Business cards made of high-quality foil, available in both t-shirts attached to the ridge of the cover and with the ring mechanism. For larger expenditures it is possible to make the visitors to the required size.


Personalized PVC mouse pads are a practical product that gives the office a personal touch and is great for a gift.

CD / DVD sleeves

We presents our CD / DVD sleeves. Sleeves are made of PVC foil with the possibility of printing.

Luggage tags

Travel baggage luggage is a very versatile and inexpensive form of advertising that helps travel agents find their luggage.


We presents a range of accessories for hanging ID holder.